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Kinilaw na Tamilok (Tamilok Ceviche)

Tamilok is a kind of woodworm that can usually be found in Palawan, Philippines. Tamilok can be found in bakawan or in the mangrove trees. They are known as woodworms or shipworms but they’re not actually worms, they are mollusks that taste like oysters, they also seem to have the same texture. It is white and slimy and it’s also long. Yes, it may sound disgusting but tamiloks are really healthy. Tamilok is rich in vitamin A which is good for the eyesight; it also has vitamin B12, calcium, iron and zinc which improves the production of testosterone, that’s why tamilok is considered to be an aphrodisiac for men, so make sure you and your partner try this once you go to Palawan and get a steamy night in the beach! It is also good for people who are in a diet because a single serving on y has around 110 kilocalories. Tamilok can be eaten raw but are usually served as kinilaw (raw meat soaked in vinegar mixture- vinegar, onion, chili and calamansi). This is considered as one of the tastiest exotic food in the Philippines.




Tamilok are usually part of exotic food eating challenge in TV shows here in the Philippines.

But wait, do you know where the tamilok got its name?  Two American foreigners called their friend to see it, “Tommy, look!” after seeing the locals eat the shipworm. They adopted the shipworm as their own delicacy.

How can we get tamilok?

Well the fishermen chop the decayed branch or trunk of the mangroves to expose the calcerous tubes where the tamiloks reside. They pull out the tamilok, harvest and eat them, sometinmes, right on the spot.

Try not to be squeamish, bear in your mind that it’s a mollusk and not a worm, so it’s just the same as the oyster, sea snails and clams.

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Kinilaw na Tamilok
Palawan is popularly known for its crystal clear beaches and the underground river which is a part of the eight wonders of the world, and aside from all of the sea creatures and coral reefs, there are also delicious dishes that you must try in the island, one of those is the tamilok.


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