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Pork Binagoongan Recipe

Binagoongan is a Philippine dish which is made out of Pork cooked in fermented shrimp paste, sounds smelly? Yes it its! So make sure when you cook this one you have proper ventilation on your kitchen or do it on your dirty kitchen (a common secondary kitchen in Philippines used for cooking messy and smelly dishes). Now even though this dish is smelly I can say it is so delicious, but you need that acquired taste to love it, it’s like Marmite, Durian or Chou Dofu.

This dish is cooked in two ways one is the dry version and the other is the wet version, ingredients and cooking are nearly similar and the only difference is that in the dried version the liquid is reduced until it looks like fried pork. From what I had noticed, I guess the dish is closely related to Adobo as the way it is prepared and its ingredients is similar except that soy sauce is replaced by bagoong. There are also some variations that they add vegetables to it like aubergines, okra and string beans but for my version I used tomatoes to enhance its unique flavours. So if you are brave enough to try eating a smelly dish then give this a try and let me know what do you think!


Pork Binagoongan


People to feed: Family 5-6
Preparation Time: 15 mins
Cooking Time: 50 mins



Pork Belly : 800g
White Vinegar : 1/2 cup
Water : 1/4 cup
Bagoong : 4 tablespoon
Garlic : 5 cloves (minced)
Red Onion : 1 (finely chopped)
Tomatoes : 2 pieces large (chopped)
Sugar : 1 tablespoon
Bay Leaf : 3 pieces
Freshly Ground Pepper
Cooking Oil


  1. In a pot add oil and brown the pork on all sides. Remove then set aside.
  2. Now add the garlic and onions then saute until onions are soft.
  3. Add the tomatoes and stir fry until tomatoes are soft.
  4. Now bring back the pork then add vinegar, bay leaves and water, simmer for 25 minutes until liquid had reduced.
  5. Add in the bagoong and sugar continue mixing until liquid is reduced to a thick paste.
  6. Season with freshly ground pepper.
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Pork Binagoongan
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